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Friday, 30 December 2011

2011's Best Parenting Idea Ever

Tonight, as I was getting ready for bed, my heart skipped a beat to see that not just one of my kids, but BOTH of my older children had placed their Mommy & Me journals on my pillow. This means they have written an entry and now it's my turn. Honestly, it's almost more exciting than the little love letters and cards that I used to get so giddy about pre-marriage (and yes, I got them. Don't hate me!).

For Christmas this year, I ordered these special, customized, beautiful, journals from a cool little site called Paper Coterie. My friend Kristie tipped me off 3 hours before the deadline that if I signed up to a different blog, I could get $30 of free credit with this site, and that was enough to order 2 journals. A few clicks later, and they were personalized with a picture of me and each child, and the custom text read "Aiden's Mommy & Me Journal" (and "Janae's..." you get the picture...).

Well, who could've known that these last-minute, afterthought, FREE gifts they received this year would turn into some of the most special and fun times we've had all year. We've been writing back and forth for almost a month now, and I cannot get over what a blessing it has been to our relationship.

Without divulging too much of their inmost thoughts, I just have to share some comments:

From Aiden:
-"I love yous kisis" (I love your kisses)

-"Thank you fru coming on a bate wif mee" (a date with me--we went on a date together this week)

-He also drew a picture of a dog he wants to get, complete with a tail and a fart (labelled "frt") and a little boy laughing at the fart.

From Janae:
-Ever the detail-queen, her journal comes with notes taped onto it saying "the pen is in the box, please give it back" and then the next time "repeet this note pleese". Tonight there was a new note saying "be careful when you open it" because she squished into the journal part of a leftover chocolate bar that she has been saving for a month. "A treat for you. I hope you enjoy it."

-"I did fantastick at the piano recital because you helped me! (so thank you) Will you rub my back tomorrow night?"

"Is it fun and hard to be a mommy, mommy?"

"Did you always want three kids, mommy, or did you want more (I bet you wanted a hundred thousand girls, and not too many boys!!)"

"I love you to the moon and back and around the world too!"

Every time I open one of the journals to read what they have written, I end up laughing and welling up with tears and feeling like my heart is overflowing with love. It is such a beautiful way to end the day, especially some days that were far from beautiful to begin with. It's a fun way to communicate with the kids about things that might not normally get communicated, it is an easy way to make them each feel very special, and some day it will be the most amazing keepsake!

Not to re-iterate, but I would highly recommend this!!

 And now I need suggestions for how to respond to the picture of the farting dog...

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