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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Day 4 of the Wheat-Free life!

Well, I've made it four days. For me, this is an accomplishment. Usually by Day 2 of any diet I am cheating. But then again, this is only the second time in my life I've done a diet for health reasons instead of weight reasons. (Really, they are the same thing, I know, but it's a different mindset.)

I didn't think I was going through withdrawal because I wasn't craving breads, but then I read the section in the book that said symptoms may include drowsiness and fatigue, and a reduced ability to do normal exercise, blurry thought patterns. Bingo!! (Ok, that described me pretty accurately prior to the WF diet as well, but hey...it explained the naps two days in a row! And the fact that I felt like I was walking around in a fog all weekend.)

Seriously, I am surprised at how I am feeling now that the fog is clearing. It's not as drastic as I had hoped, but I am feeling better. I got a little hungry at lunch time today and just had some cheese and almonds. That's all I needed and didn't feel hungry again until supper, nor did I think about eating. It's a weird thing to describe, but I don't feel as "controlled" by food anymore. And my hand rash is slowly clearing up. I'll admit, I honestly expected to see it disappear in 24 hours time, but alas, it hasn't.

The hardest part for me is trying to come up with variety. This is such a different way of cooking than I'm used to. If it were just a matter of replacing the wheat with another grain, that'd be easier. But I'm trying to cut out all grains. Breakfasts are the toughest, as I don't like eggs unless they are on toast (it's a texture thing). But I discovered Greek 0% yogurt with frozen blueberries and flax is a great way to start my morning. I have also had oatmeal, as I'm giving myself some grace with the "other" grains.

Curiously, I am sad about the two big bags of flour that are in my pantry (is it the Dutch in me?!?). And the fact that I have to let go of the pride I felt at baking my own bread for my family on a daily basis. Today I did make a loaf and some buns (the kids are not going cold turkey like we did). The more I learn about wheat (in it's modern form), I view bread as almost poisonous and that I really shouldn't feed it to my kids. Yet I still am. And I'm not throwing out that flour...yet. Can we hear the undertones of an addict here?

I'm thankful and delighted to discover I am really not alone. There is a whole world of wheat-free and gluten-free and grain-free people out there. Not to mention a lot of great recipes. I am still not sure this is a totally do-able thing for me permanently, but so far, so good. Now pass the hemp hearts...

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  1. So interesting, Monica, thanks for sharing. I did a South-Beach high protein diet and lost 10 lbs quickly. I def. didn't feel hunger when avoiding breads/carbs. I still ate oatmeal, which is a great breakfast - very satisfying. Did you have allergy testing before starting?