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Monday, 13 June 2011

The "Mini-size Me" generation??

So I discovered the cutest little sesame seed hamburger buns today--miniature ones. Created for "sliders"--those new mini-burgers that are such a hot food craze right now. I couldn't resist. I bought them, because of my fetish for all things miniature. 
 I am fascinated by, and thoroughly enjoying, this newest trend in food production. I mean, sure, we've had baby carrots and two-bite brownies around for probably a decade or longer by now, but it seems every time I go to the grocery store lately I'm seeing a new "mini" calling out to me. Mini cans of coke, mini tubs of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, baby watermelons, mini pita rounds and bagels, baby bell peppers, and the list goes on (seriously--add to my list by commenting below, I'm really curious to know what's all out there!).

I love it--whether this is just an extension of Hollywood's Babymania, or a healthy response to my generation's sickening "Supersize Me" era, in my opinion it's a fabulous idea on all sides. It really is healthier to eat smaller portions, and if I can still feel like I've finished off a tub of Ben and Jerry's without inhaling a whole litre of ice cream, well hey, sign me up! It's also great for getting just a taste of something, and allowing room to try different flavours--I'd love to try guacamole on my burger, but have never dared cover a whole burger in the green stuff. With a plate of 3 sliders, I can try all the combos I want. From a marketing viewpoint it's pretty bright too. I mean, really, I spent the same amount on those mini-buns as I would on full-size ones. I'm sure it didn't cost as much to make them.

I'm also thrilled that Epicure Selections has joined in this trend with our "verrines"--miniature glass dishes for serving layered appetizers or desserts. I've been having so much fun with these--breakfast fruit and yogurt parfaits, perfectly portioned chips and dip, almost calorie-less desserts. They really are so fun, and we're eating less because of it.

Hmmm, what will be next--miniature eggs?? Now THAT would be interesting...look out, Robins!

Here are some pictures of the verrines we've been enjoying!

Janae with her blueberry yogurt parfait!
Mmmm, chocolate pudding and whipping cream desserts!

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